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Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Pictorial directions at the Orlando International Airport.

After you get off the plane, follow the signs (and the crowd) to the train.  The train will take you to the main terminal.  When you get off the train, you will walk past the security check point.

Picture 1

After you pass the security check point, look for your section, either A or B. 

Delta, Air Tran, Northwest, United and U.S. Airways are in "B".

American, Continental, Jet Blue, Southwest are in section "A".

Picture 2

Go down the escalator or

Picture 3

Take the elevator

Picture 4

At the bottom of the escalator, look for your luggage section.

Picture 5

After you retrieve your luggage, go down the escalator to the 1st floor.  Walk out the glass doors and walk to the BUS stop in your confirmation.  It will either be A-3, A-45, B-3 or B-49.  I will be there holding a sign with your name on it.

Picture 6

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