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Transportation from airports in Orlando, Sanford and Miami to all Theme Parks (that Mouse Place, that Harry Place and that place with the big fish), Convention Center, Port Canaveral Cruise Ships, Port Everglades cruise ships and all hotels, as well as to Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and all of Florida.


Hello! My name is Marty.   I have been driving clients, passengers and customers to that mouse place for over 19 18 years.  I have been involved in tourism for many years before that.  As the former owner of Florida Vacation Planning, I know almost everything there is to know about visiting the parks and attending conventions or seminars in the Orlando Area.  

"You can book transportation with over a hundred drivers and companies in Orlando - so why pick me?"

"I speak English, take a bath once a day and put my pants on forward."

I'm educated, personable and dependable.

I'll drive you, entertain you, and educate you!

I can tell you about that mouse place, that Harry place and the place with the big fish - when and where to go; which restaurants to patronize, and which shopping malls to visit.

If this is one of your first times to the theme parks, I'll play a video of the parks, showing you tips and tricks  -  how and when to do what (narrated with 50 clever jokes, of course).

Been here many times before, ask to see my extensive video collection - Elvis, Frank, Brittney and many more.

Need to check your E-mail, you can surf at 400 kps.

Don't want to miss your favorite sitcom, let's tune it in.

Orlando, Sanford and Miami Airports That "Mouse" Place That "Harry" Place
The Big Fish Place To all Cruise Ports Convention Center
Downtown Orlando From Port Canaveral That "Building Block" place
East Coast From Port Everglades West Coast

QUESTION:  Do the hotels in Orlando offer free shuttles to their hotel?  There are a few hotels near the airport that offer a free shuttle.  These are within 2 miles of the airport.  Typical paid shuttle service will only make sense if you are a party of 1 or maybe a party of 2  (going to the furthest hotels at that "Mouse" place, a party of 3 costs about the same as me).   Shuttle service companies at the airport charge $22 per person one way.  Trust me when I tell you that I have seen people wait in line up to 20 minutes to buy their shuttle ticket , and then wait up to an hour to board the bus. 

Once you're on the bus, they stop at up to 5 hotels.  If you are the last stop, you will be driving up to an hour.  That's a possible total of 2 hours and twenty minutes, after you have been flying a number of hours and maybe up at 3 am that morning to get to the airport on time.  With me, we leave immediately, drive 22 minutes to International drive, that fish place or that "Harry" place", and 30 minutes to that "Mouse" place.  Simple, easy, fun.

WHAT ABOUT THAT "MOUSE" PLACE MAGICAL EXPRESS?  The "Mouse" started the Express in May 2005.  Most of the horror stories were in the early days (lost luggage, luggage not arriving until midnight, luggage never showing up, missed flights because of buses way behind schedule, etc).  The "Mouse" does not manage the service.  It is owned and operated by another transportation company.  I have read that it is public transportation and you are herded like cattle with the last standing for over an hour while the bus makes 5 stops.  I have also read that it is wonderful service.  It is what it is . . . . free rides to the "Mouse" place

exclusive hotels on a 45 passenger bus with people waiting until the bus is filled.  Your luggage does not come with you - it arrives later.  The ride takes 30 minutes to the "Mouse" place.  Stopping at up to 5 hotels adds another 30 minutes.  The waiting in line (I am told by my clients who have used it in the past) can take up to 45 minutes.  If you plan on using the Magical Express but would like me to take you to the parks (that "Harry" place, the big fish place, Shopping, etc), fantastic.

GREAT SUGGESTION!  Bottled water at the parks is $4.00.  Cokes are $3.75. 

(You can still get a gallon of gas for $3.37 as of December 16, 2013 - I'll never understand that). Faint

I highly recommend that we stop on the way for you to get bottled water, snacks, beer, soda, etc.  Your room will probably have a mini refrigerator already stocked with goodies (sodas, chips and candy).  But, when you have the munchies at 1 am, do you really want to spend $5 for a bag of M & M's or potato chips?

ANOTHER GREAT IDEA:  Before you leave for your vacation, buy a soft side cooler that folds up and pack it in your suitcase.

Also, unless you don't mind spending up to $18 per person for breakfast, you might want to get a box of cheerios, a gallon of milk, skippy peanut butter, grape jelly, a loaf of bread and a dozen donuts.  If you don't have a refrigerator in your room, you can get a cooler for $3.99.  Ice for your room is usually free.  Breakfast in your room will be quick (half of you can shower while half of you eat) and cheap (cost each morning might average $3 instead of $100).

Stopping for these snacks is at no charge - My Pleasure!

If you are staying at a villa, condo or house and want to get more than snacks (fruits, vegetables, deli, bacon, eggs, sausage, etc), we can stop at a full super market grocery store.  The charge is minimal ($2.25 for every 5 minutes waiting time). 

MISC  I carry two car seats and 2 booster seats. If your little one Mommy & Baby

is under 4 years old, Florida law requires a car seat.  Ages 4 and 5 need to be in a booster. 

If your flight is late, no problem.  That's why I have a computer in the van. Computer

I will monitor your flight and adjust accordingly. 

There is no extra charge for late flights.   Wakka Wakka


THE SMALL PRINT:  I have a 2 hour cancellation policy.   

Just Kidding! ROTFL

I have a 2 hour cancellation policy.  Full refund minus 3.5% if you cancel and give me at least a 2 hour notice for most rides.  Exceptions would be rides to and from Miami and Port Everglades.  These 4 hour rides  - I need a 5 hour notice. 


Well, that's about it.  Simple, easy, fun - just good old fashion service with a smile!  I want to pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.  I want to take you to the theme parks and bring you back each night.  And I want to take you back to the airport at the end of your trip.

WANT MORE INFORMATION, get a price quote, or advice on a hotel? You can E-Mail me, I'll be notified usually in one minute.  You can call me.  Never been to the Orlando airport before, click on my Pictures and I'll hold your hand through a tour of our airport. 

Well, the Mouse is waiting to see you, and so am I.  Contact me and let's make friends. 

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